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July 5, 2015

Hannibal: Season 3, Episode 5 Recap

Finally, things heated up in Contorno this week! It had been a long time coming. A month, to be exact. But it’s now time for Fannibals to get excited!

Jack Crawford was in Florence and looked to be a man on a mission. He emptied Bella’s ashes into the river, throwing his wedding ring in with it. Later, he met up with Pazzi and his wife, eventually having dinner with them. After briefly discussing Bella they all raised their glasses to her memory.

Pazzi, on the hunt for Lecter, was made aware of the huge reward offered by Mason Verger. $3,000,000 for his capture, alive. The two men spoke via laptop in an electronic meeting, Alana Bloom by Verger’s side and in frame. One slightly dangerous condition made by Verger is that it was required for Pazzi to obtain a genuine fingerprint of Hannibal. But Pazzi wasn’t deterred.

Meanwhile, Hannibal and Bedelia were awaiting the arrival of Will Graham. They know it is just a matter of time before he arrives in Florence. But Chiyoh, who was travelling with Will on a train there, decided she wanted to go alone after admitting to Will that she knew where Hannibal was all along. The former FBI agent suddenly found himself on the rail track after Chiyoh pushed him off the back! Just what are her own intentions?

Pazzi decided to make his move on Hannibal by bringing with him something that he thinks may be of interest to him. A scold’s bridle worn by Francesco. Hannibal in return, and heavily indicating what he intended to do moments later, showed him a heirloom of Francesco with his bowels hanging out. Then, in what heavily mimicked the movie Hannibal, Lecter forced Pazzi into unconsciousness. Waking up bound and gagged, Hannibal began asking Pazzi who was behind the attempted capture of himself. But thinking he knew already, Hannibal asked if Mason Verger was behind the deal.
Pazzi, in fear of his life, nodded yes. Hearing Pazzi’s phone ring, Hannibal answered. Alana Bloom was calling! After hearing his voice, those horrible memories of what happened eight months earlier must have come flooding back for her! Hannibal hung up after brazenly telling her she has caught him at a difficult time. Pazzi was offered two choices: “bowels in or bowels out?” The killer made his mind up for him and plunged the knife deep into his chest, forcing it down toward his groin. His body, suspended by rope, was thrown out a window and his bowels hit the concrete like a ton of bricks!

But a surprise was in store almost instantaneously. Hannibal was taken back by the sight of Jack Crawford standing on the street before the grisly scene! His rage boiling, Jack stormed into the building. Hannibal got his knife ready, calling Jack out but was met with silence after baiting him with taunts about Bella. With his back turned, Jack appeared behind him and delivered a stunning blow, sending Lecter crashing through a glass shelf. Blow after blow was scored. Hannibal desperately tried crawling away but Jack plunged a hook into his leg, just below his bicep and dragged him back. Another series of punches and throws met. Battered and bruised and managing to sit by the open window that contained Pazzi’s fate, Hannibal asked Jack how he would feel if he was gone. Echoing what his deceased wife said to Hannibal in an earlier season two episode, Jack emphatically stated: “Alive!” Hook in hand again, he sent sent Hannibal sprawling with a blow. Jack looked over but saw him clinging for his life to Pazzi’s corpse. Losing grip, Hannibal hit the ground, feet first. Steadying himself, he began hobbling away.

Hopes were beginning to fade after what initially appeared to be another excessively built up episode but the surprising and heavily satisfying conclusion sealed Contorno as probably the best episode of season 3 yet. It was definitely something of heavy value to the season. With the Red Dragon segment beginning from episode 8 and Hannibal slung inside a cell by episode 7, perhaps his freedom will finally be extinguished next week, although it has recently been speculated that his trial will not be shown. So, its possible that they may push this all the way to the wire.

Whatever happens from this point forward, all or nearly every episode should be a nail biter!

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