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June 12, 2015

Hannibal – Season 3, Episode 2 Recap

Fans of Hannibal may continue to feel frustrated this week after watching ‘Primavera’, a virtually Hannibal-less episode.

While last week focused on the dynamic of Hannibal and Bedelia’s relationship, ‘Primavera’ focused on the recovery of criminal profilist and former Hannibal “pal” Will Graham. It all started with a sizeable flashback to the season 2 finale, from the moment Will surprisingly saw Abigail to the point that Hannibal cut her throat. Waking up in a hospital ward, Abigail appeared to him and us. She stated that Hannibal only cut her superficially, a weird statement considering the amount of bloodshed the wound caused. She told him that Hannibal wants them to find him. Then swiftly, the episode jumped 8 months ahead in time to Graham travelling to Italy at the Norman Chapel in Palermo, where Hannibal placed the skinless and distorted corpse of Anthony Dimmel that we had a glimpse of at the end of last week’s episode. Oh, and Abigail was with him. But why?

Will bumped into an experienced Italian inspector who told him that he had been hunting a serial killer some twenty years before, but was unable to catch him. Providing Will with a photo that we got to view, the man was a dead ringer for a much younger Hannibal Lecter! For the first time this season, Will used his empathy talents to work out what happened to the skinless corpse, and who did it. In an unsettling hallucination, Will saw a vision of the corpse sprouting limbs! Sensing immediate danger, he backed away hurriedly but is bought back to reality by Abigail. After a brief conversation between the two, a familiar bleeding slit appeared on her neck, blood spurting out! Then, we see Will sitting all by himself in the Chapel. The revelation that Abigail really died became official at this point. The camera panned up, revealing Hannibal watching Will’s every move from a floor above.

Sensing that Hannibal is indeed in the building, Will and inspector Pazzi entered the catacombs of the Church. A cat and mouse game ensued but the cannibal killer moved in and out of the shadows at a brisk pace but with alarming accuracy, making sure that he was never seen. Will called his name a couple of times, bumping into Pazzi once and warned him that he is placing himself in extreme danger by hunting him alone. Trying something new, Will told Lecter that he forgave him after refusing to in the season 2 finale. Will Hannibal accept his apology?

At this point, it is difficult to know what next week’s episode will bring. The recovery of Jack Crawford and Alana Bloom? Continuing the unravelling of Hannibal and Bedelia’s story? Or will Primavera recommence?

Tune in next Thursday on NBC!

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