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May 6, 2015

Bates Motel: Episode 9 Recap

‘Crazy’ marks the penultimate episode this year for Bates Motel, and it looks like we will get what the fans have been waiting for!

It turns out that Norman’s vision of Bradley Martin wasn’t any hallucination. She is real. Back in White Pine Bay after revealing that life on the run was next to impossible with practically no money. Norman checked her into the Bates Motel, obviously without Mom’s consent, where she hid out. He told the run away that there was something neurologically wrong with him but it did not seem to bother her. After watching her parents leave, presumably for work, Norman and Bradley waited outside her former home and took their time for it to become vacant. The two went inside where Bradley discovered her bedroom had been turned into a gym. Thinking that her parents had forgotten her, Norman consoled an upset Bradley in the car before heading back.

We found out that Caleb does not do empty threats after getting the upper hand with Chick Hogan in a physical altercation after the big guy pulled a gun on him. Hogan denied any knowledge of what happened last week after almost facing certain death but its probably safe to say pulling the gun on Caleb proved that was a lie. Caleb told Dylan that he planned to keep his head down and leave town for a while, but not before telling Norma about Norman’s other personality revealing itself when he visited him in the hotel where Caleb was staying in season 2. He also left something for Dylan to pick up which should be disclosed next week. Hmmm.

After being told by Bob Paris that a private investigator had been finding out some background information on Norman, Norma cleared her son’s taxidermy equipment but almost became frightened when Norman became self assertive, accusing his mother of maybe murdering his father. After recovering from a moment’s shock, she told him that he can hate her all he wanted to and that she was still going to do what she was for his own good to Norman’s distancing back, as he walked calmly out of the cellar. Their relationship is a far cry from the (very) close mother and son bond they had in season 1, that is for sure!

Romero told Norma that he was going to “take care” of the Bob Paris situation, as he has said twice before. After asking what he meant, he would not reveal so, but there is no doubt he has some extreme ideas in mind! Not satisfying the motel owner, Norma broke into Romero’s home, rummaging through his stuff trying to find the hard drive. Romero, surprised to see her, told her he hated her but got the same reply back before he forced her against a wall. Romero asked her why she was lying to him about the death of Norman’s father with the response coming that it was her that did it but Romero did not buy it. Provoking her anger, Norma repeatedly slapped Romero, telling him again that she hated him before the two almost smooched. But Norma told him to let her go before walking right out of the door. The writers are sure trying to frustrate those that want the two to get together!

Dylan gave Emma’s father the $25,000 he needed for her lung transplant on the only condition that he not tell her where the money came from. He then walked up to her room to see if she was okay but suspiciously did not immediately answer Dylan’s call before waking up. Could that be any kind of foreshadowing to a tragic demise?

Back at the motel, Norman elaborated on his “neurological” problem to Bradley, stating that he gets blackouts in response to her asking him to go with her on the road. Telling him that she was an idiot for not getting together after they slept with one another, the two fell into a passionate embrace on the bed, but those pesky illusions of ‘mother’ showed themselves once again causing Norman to leave. Seeing ‘mother’ outside standing near the office, she asked him what he was going to do about her. Norman said she just needed help, an explanation that ‘she’ seemed to accept….for now.

Somebody has always died in the finale episodes in the first two seasons, so its a pretty sure bet that somebody will next week. But just who will it, or they, be as Norman continues to head toward his destiny?
Tune in to A&E to see the pay off next week at 9/8C!

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