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April 6, 2015

Sesame Street’s Game Of Thrones Parody Is A Must See!

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Written by: Kristyn Clarke
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Sesame Street has always been incredibly adept at playing on various aspects of pop culture and once again they have done an absolutely incredible job with their newly released parody video paying homage to HBO’s “Game Of Thrones” with “Game Of Chairs”. The timing is ideal since the hit HBO series returns this Sunday, April 11th with all new episodes and why not start the new season off with a few laughs.

In the video the Sesame Street characters turn the battle for the “throne” into a rousing game of musical chairs. Grover gets renamed “Grover Bluejoy” and the writers threw in so absolutely spot-on jokes that fans of “Game Of Thrones” will pick up on right away. They might just be joking about some of the darkest subject matter, but it is done in such a clever way that kids watching will never be able to pick up on the subtle references.

The best has to be when the Joffrey puppet loses in the battle for the chair, Grover slyly says “I guess you choked, Joffrey”! It had me falling out of the chair with laughter!

See the video in all its’ brilliant glory below:

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