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April 28, 2015

Bates Motel: Episode 8 Recap

The eighth episode, titled ‘The Pit’, was probably the most eventful episode in season 3 of Bates Motel yet!
Norma was feeling happy after her family dinner that took place the previous evening. Dylan told her he will be away for a few days at the cabin, unaware what he is getting himself into. After a goodbye kiss, Dylan prepared his run carrying the firearms with Chick Hogan. That is, until Caleb showed up, initially telling Dylan that the run wasn’t going to happen. After further discussion, Caleb changed his mind but on the condition that he travelled along with his son and threatened Hogan that if anything went wrong he would come back and kill him!

Bob Paris and his associates finally got their hands on James Finnigan. Unfortunately for the therapist, his time in White Pine Bay was to be his last. Surprisingly his life was left intact, although he was battered and bruised after telling Paris about Norman’s past when his father perished. A nail gun being driven through his foot was enough persuasion to make him disclose that story.

Hearing construction drilling, Norman and “mother” ran to a hallway window and discovered a  huge hole being dug in the ground outside their house. She was told that work was underway for her new swimming pool, much to her delight. A short while later, Norma looked at the huge deep hole before her, telling the construction workers that it appeared a little too extensive. Romero later turned up  revealing a surprise for Norma. Her old Mercedes which he got back from the car dealer. After another brief tender moment between the two, he took a look at the huge hole and agreed that it was a little too deep. Is it going to be used for anything other than to hold water?

Later a short while after speaking with Dylan on the phone, Emma made the heartbreaking decision to end her relationship with Norman. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Norman showed little emotion, telling her that he had some stuff to do in the house. After running to his bedroom and sitting in mother’s infamous rocking chair until dark, he imagined Juno, his dog, coming to life, telling him what a lonely place the world can be sometimes in a scene that was as tragic as it was haunting.

After barging into Bob Paris’ office querying as to why the hole is far deeper than it should be  he was taken back when Paris told him that Norma’s father did not die the way Norma told him, thanks to Finnigan’s input. Paris asked Romero to go back on his team but is shot down. Whatever the team thing means. He returned to the Bates Motel to confront Norma, who vehemently denied that Norman did any wrongdoing. Not believing her, he left, ignoring Norma’s pleas to come back.

After feeling apprehensive about his feelings for Norma, Norman told her about his talk with Finnigan and that he does not know whether he was truly attracted to his mother! Norma dismissed that idea, telling him that it is all naturally a part of growing up. But seemingly contradicting her words, the two ended up laying next to one another on her bed, looking like a happily married couple!

Things went disastrously wrong for Caleb and Dylan. Waiting outside a phone booth, Caleb found a cell phone taped to one of its windows. The voice on the phone told him where to meet to make the exchange. When they arrived they found themselves in peril after being held at gun point by several men who proceeded to tell them that they did not have the money after thinking that the exchange was rather strange due to Hogan’s absence. Being told to face their vehicle, Caleb grabbed a pistol that was placed under it, opening fire on their captors. Spotting one of them escaping, Dylan and Caleb made haste!

Norma turned up at Finnigan’s place and caught the counsellor leaving in a big hurry. She was told that he had to tell them everything and never to contact him ever again before driving off in a hurry. Panicking, she fled home, telling Norman in the basement that she stupidly told James everything to a furious Norman. Norma told him to lie low and that she was going to sort things out, leaving Norman there. His alter ego rising to the surface once more, “evil mother” took real Norma’s place, telling Norman that she was willing to kill anybody that interfered with them both. Norman stormed out of the cellar, chasing an imaginary running Juno before stopping to see a dark figure standing in front of the headlights of a car. The figure turned around, revealing a once familiar face.

Bradley Martin.

With only two episodes left in this season, it looks as if we are all heading for a showdown. Or should that be showdowns, since most of the characters have found themselves in their own treacherous situations. But which will hit home the most?

Keep checking in at 9/8c on A&E.

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