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April 21, 2015

Bates Motel: Episode 7 Recap

‘The Last Supper’ may be a landmark in Bates Motel history in that it was possibly the most happiest episode yet! Of course, that is not to say that there was no room for an attempted murder, threatening remarks or a creepy caress or two.

Caleb may have apologised to Norma at the end of last week’s episode but both siblings are still keeping a firm distance between themselves.  Caleb told a returning Chick Hogan that he does not want to do the illegal drive anymore, but Dylan felt different after hearing from Emma’s father that she ideally needed a lung transplant which would cost around $20,000. After hearing that the drive, which involves transporting weapons, will pay out $25,000, Dylan agreed to do it but Caleb ordered his son not to go ahead. But will Dylan listen and let his friend die?
Later, he spoke in confidence with Norma about Norman’s behaviour last week, telling her that he needs help. Norma was especially bemused when she heard that Norman was prancing around her kitchen thinking he was her!

When Norman and Norma returned to the motel after obtaining a replacement cell phone she found Romero in her house and was asked where the USB drive was. Giving in, she told him of its location. Romero wasted no time to get it and asking Gunner to see what was on it. Of course, it was the account ledger which we already saw earlier in this series. Heading to see Bob Paris, Romero was dealt with swiftly after being reminded of his family past. After visiting his father in prison, who declared that he had nothing to do with Romero’s mother’s death, he called Norma and asked her to pick him up. After finding him in a drunken state, she took him back to the motel and let him sleep it off in one of the cabins, but not before Romero told the horrible truth about his mother which resulted in the two almost falling for one another again.

Professor Finnigan turned up at the Bates Motel and asked Norma if it was okay to speak to Norman in an effort to try and help him. After being led into the cellar and interrupting him performing taxidermy, Finnigan interrogated him about his emotions and his state of mind. Norman, feeling smug, asked if it was okay to also ask him a question….what was it like to sleep with his mother! Catching Finnigan off guard, Norman asked him if he was in the same situation, his mother bedding a licenced family therapist going against his ethics, would it bother him. Finnigan admitted guilt on that but was faced with the same initial question. Refusing to answer the question, Finnigan went to leave but Norman trailed him, his anger boiling again. The therapist tipped Norman over the edge by asking him if he wanted to sleep with his own mother. Unfortunately for him, the answer came in the form of a pair of hands wrapping around his neck! After several seconds, Norman, seemingly coming back to reality, let go and Finnigan ran for his life. Norma asked him what the matter was. Her visitor, standing now in the doorway, told her that her son needed urgent help!

Later, Norma spots a familiar face while doing some evening gardening. It was her brother, Caleb, holding flowers. Initially wanting to just deliver flowers and a letter after being suggested that he leave, Norma had a quick change of mind and invited him in for dinner, stating that the whole family was going to be there. Even Romero and Emma showed up to join the party! Through continuity editing shots, we were treated to highlights of what seemed like an ordinary happy family dinner.

That is until freaky Norman walked in on a deep sleeping Norma and proceeded to lightly caress her thigh in what is probably the most disturbing conclusion to an episode we have seen so far. Another landmark.

With the episode being titled ‘The Last Supper’ there is a feeling that one of the main characters will not be making it out of season three alive. But who could it most likely be? With Norma and Romero’s budding romance, it is highly unlikely to be him. Or her, for that matter. We all know that Norma has to die but that surely will be left until season 5, the show’s proposed last series. Dylan has been around since season one and there is probably a 50/50 chance that it will be him. But the odds are becoming unkind to Emma, too, probably more so, who is becoming seriously ill due to her Cystic Fibrosis. It is most likely a sure bet that it will be Caleb given Norman’s awful dislike for him. And it would be great timing just when Caleb has built the first block in his relationship with his sister.

It is all heading toward a nasty climax. And we will all find out in just three weeks!

Keep watching at 9/8c on A&E.

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