April 8, 2015

Bates Motel Episode 5 Recap

The wheels are truly falling off in Norma Bates’ life. And we are not talking about her trashed up car, either, as was shown on Monday’s episode of Bates Motel, titled ‘The Deal’.

Nutty Norman seemingly followed up with his intention of telling his mother that Dylan had been harbouring her much mysterious brother. After the opening scene rolled,  people surely braced themselves for yet another rough slagging match in the creepy Bates mansion, but that was not to be as we learned that Norman happened to tell “evil” mother about Dylan and Caleb, falling into a blackout soon afterward. After being given the USB stick from Annika Johnson before her death Norma is just about holding things together as she desperately tried to find out what is on it. But her poor eye and nose took a fair knocking when she was knocked off the road, threatened and then instructed to contact Bob Paris.

Meanwhile, Norman’s obsession over “mother” is becoming worse. In a rather ominous scene, Norman entered her bedroom and did a little clothes shopping, choosing one dress in particular to see what it would look like on him in front of her mirror. If we were already seeing shades of the “movie” Norman Bates then it should not be long now before the “mother”personality takes her half in Norman’s mind!

Dylan spent the night in his pickup truck, afraid to go home after Norman blew a fuse about Caleb, but when he went to pick up Norma from the hospital she had absolutely no clue still. Later, Dylan went home and had a go at Norman for lying but was told that he was convinced that he did tell her! That memory stick had been in many hands by now, the latest being in Gunnar’s, who managed to finally break the password, telling the crime boss proudly but bizarrely that he used to illegally download movies, as if that was supposed to be more advanced than breaking codes. Yes, that was indeed confusing. And what information was revealed? Only a ledger of $15,000,000!

Sheriff Romero provided a source of comfort for Norma when she turned up at his house, asking him if he can be trusted after finding out about the financial information. The two visited Paris at his office and  Norma continued to show her undaunted side when she asked Bob for an exit route off the bypass so she can still maintain her business at the motel as well as a pool and two billboards on either side of the bypass to let potential customers know of its presence. Further revealing that a copy of the flash drive has been made in case any harm comes to her, Bob and Norma came to a mutual agreement.

Chick Hogan returned since first making an appearance in the original season 3 episode, offering Caleb transportation of the weed stash. Although tempted by the sum of money of $25,000, Caleb thought sensibly and told him that there is too much at stake and that they want to still support the legal limit.

Freddie Highmore strangely had a very limited role to play in this week’s episode but he “sealed” ‘The Deal’ at the conclusion after Norman convinced Dylan to tell mother the truth about Caleb being in town. As was probably expected, Norma did not take the news well, packing a lot of her stuff and storming out of the house, much to Norman’s rage while Dylan desperately but successfully held him back as he attempted to go after her.

Will that permanently end their affectionate but preternatural relationship?

Find out next week on A&E at 9/8c!

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