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April 9, 2015

Bates Motel: Episode 4 Recap

‘Unbreak-Able’ saw Norma Bates’ nasty streak this week as she emotionally blackmailed Norman into not having sex with girlfriend Emma. Due to her Cystic Fibrosis, Norma told Norman that it is not possible for him to have sex with her in case he jeopardized her life in some way due of her illness. When the couple decided to get away from stress at the Bates Motel they stayed at a cabin in the woods. They kissed passionately only for Norman to break free and tell Emma that he cannot make love to her. Understandably, this angered Emma deeply, walking away telling Norman that she did not know that his mother was going to be with them.

In the Psycho movies it was well documented that Norman’s “mother” hated the concept of sex and said anything in her power to persuade Norman to resist any “whore” or “slut” and it is now more easier to understand why Norman’s alternate personality will now develop such an attitude, even though in the movies “mother” was much more undeviating about such issues.

After a flash drive landed in Norma’s hands when Annika Johnson showed up last week Sheriff Romero and Norma played a vocal game of chess with each withholding information about the new dark going on’s in White Pine Bay. Norman, himself, began to doubt his sanity as he asked Norma whether he was responsible for Annika’s death.

When Norma entered an internet cafe to ask somebody to see what was on the drive the information was encrypted and required a password. Later, Dylan found two men skulking around the Bates Motel looking for something. Could it be the flash drive that they want? And were those men associated with Bob Paris?

Dylan and Caleb had a heart to heart after Caleb fell from the construction he was building to house the marijuana, cutting his hand severely. After Dylan told him that he needed to go to the hospital Caleb revealed that he was a wanted man but did not say why. While stitching up his hand, Dylan asked him for the truth about what happened between him and Norma. Caleb admitted the rape but that he deeply loved his sister and just wanted to tell her that he was sorry.

Norman was being a little funny with his mother once again, frustrating Norma who proceeded to ask him why he was. Norman claimed that he just wanted to focus on his relationship with Emma and that nothing was going on but eventually became frustrated after spotting Norma and Dylan whispering to one another about the business with the flash drive. After leaving, Norman followed his brother to his hideout, startling Dylan and his dad, Caleb. He was left reeling after Norman told him that mother needed to be aware of Caleb’s presence in White Pine Bay.

Will that be the end of their relationship?

Tune in next week on A&E 9/8c.

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