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March 31, 2015

Wrestlemania 31 Recap

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Written by: Tommy Bolden
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Wrestlemania once again has rolled around, the biggest event of the year for wrestling and fans of the sport everywhere. The truth is the past few Wrestlemania events have been more than sub par. So the inevitable question becomes, is this this the year we finally get a great Wrestlemania? all things considered, I would have to say for the most part, yes! Overall Wrestlemania 31 was a very entertaining.

So skipping the pre-show and getting right into the meat, we started the night off a 7 man ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship. With Bad News Barrett coming in as the champ, it was an exciting event which also featured Star Dust, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, Luke Harper, R-Tuth and Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan being the only man in this match to never hold this title seemed like the front runner to pull it off and that he did. A solid start to WrestleMania.

Next Came the rivalry that I thought would be the unsung hero match of the night, Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton. For the most part it was an ok match that was a back and forth affair but it was Orton Pulling off the win with an AMAZING RKO finish that you have to see to believe. Check out the post fight interview here.

Now Came the moment I personally had been waiting for… Triple H vs. Sting. Sting was the face of WCW, he stayed with the ship until it went down in the early part of the year 2000. He never stepped foot into a WWE ring until last November. So with all that being said, it would seem fitting for Triple H to push Sting over and make the Icon bigger than he already was, but Triple H ends up winning the match. The match also included Members of DX and the NWO both which represented WCW and WWE in the 90’s finally go at it. An ok match to say the least but a different ending would have been better. The real question now is, Where does Sting go from here?

Next was Aj Lee and Paige two of the best Divas in WWE today going up against The Bella Twins. Two of the more bland Divas in WWE. Just a plain Tag match that wasn’t very impressive and was really just a time filler.

WrestleMania-31 event image-edited

John Cena vs. Rusev was the follow up. Rusev has been on a hot streak since entering into the WWE and for the most part has been doing well with the push. But this event proved that John Cena much to the dismay of fans still wont push talent at wrestlemania. A back and forth match that had Rusev carrying Cena and in the end loosing his title and his hot streak.

Now our Co-main event. The Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt. Bray Wyatt is one of the best mic men the WWE has had Since Cm punk left last year. He is creepy and terrifying and his in ring ability is special for such a big guy. The Undertaker has been in the WWE for 23 years and up until last year was undefeated at Wrestlemania. The match was solid and good back and forth affair but in the end The Undertaker avenges his loss from last year and pushes Wyatt over by allowing him to give a demonstration on how well Wyatt can wrestle.

Finally our main event.
Brock lesnar vs Roman Reigns.
Reigns caught a hot streak last year until Daniel Bryan returned and that really put a vice on Reigns. But WWE decided that this was the best guy to Headline their main attraction of the year. Now to put him against Brock Lesnar might be a bad idea but it actually worked. Lesnar carried the match and laid a beating on Reigns until Reigns started to make a come back. Right when Reigns had the match in his hands and then Seth Rollins rushed the ring and cashed in his money in the bank title match right there. Curb Stomped both Reigns and Lesnar and pinned Reigns for the most shocking moment of the night.

All and all the event was solid and actually the performances were very well done by all parts. I give Wrestlemania 31 a B+. Let us know what you thought of Wrestlemania 31 in the comments section below!

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Wrestlemania 31 Recap

So the past few Wrestlemania events have been very sub par, the question that rolls around this year would be is this going to be a great wrestlemania?
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