March 28, 2015

The Current Bond Mythology. Have People Missed the Point?

This article takes a look at Daniel Craig‘s tenure as our favorite MI-6 spy, the current James Bond mythology and the differences between the new and the old. It has been quite a controversial topic, whether or not fans enjoy the current style of Bond films verses the more outlandish ones from the past. That may suggest that a lot of people are beginning to miss the point of direction the franchise is currently taking.

When Daniel Craig came aboard as James Bond 007, fans and the media alike went into a frenzy in regards to how he was apparently so much unlike the portrayal of Bond should be traditionally portrayed. When ‘Casino Royale’ was released back in 2006 many people were proved wrong, but there is one question that has been asked on many internet forums and websites in general. When will we ever get to see a traditional Bond movie with Daniel Craig?

The answer to that, in this writer’s belief, is that many people have totally missed the point of the Craig Bond movies.

When Batman Begins debuted in 2005 it perhaps instigated the trend and belief in Hollywood that the public like their movies dark and realistic. Christopher Nolan proved that well known mythologies and characters can still be told, but with the twist in that they do not have to be fantasy like. They can have an air of realism. But most importantly the mythology could be told in one long story spanning the course of over so many movies. And that is exactly what is being done, and has been done, since 2006 when Daniel Craig entered the role of Bond.

Many well known elements of the Bond movies have been altered including the famous gun barrel sequence. They are remembered with affection for starting at the beginning of the pictures, initiating the thrills, the showing of beautiful women, exotic locations, the off the cuff humour and not to mention the villains who were often hell bent on taking over the world, or destroying it. However, since ‘Quantum of Solace’ the gun barrel sequence has been placed at the end of the movies just before the end credits roll. With the sad death of Desmond Llewelyn in 1999, famous for playing ‘Q’, it gave a chance for the producers to come up with somebody new and fresh. Ben Whishaw stepped in as the famous gadget wizard in Skyfall, the last Bond entry. There are many other changes but, as with the Batman movies, we have been treated to one long ongoing narrative that is a little more sinister and gloomy than usual. Skyfall may be pulled up as not having anything to do with any of the previous films, but they were acknowledged, even if only briefly.

Daniel Craig is contracted to make one more Bond film after the upcoming release of Spectre, and with strong rumours stating that Spectre will end on a cliffhanger, as did ‘Casino Royale’, it would make sense for Craig’s tenure as cinema’s most famous government agent to end with a finale to the tale that his character has focused on for nearly a decade.

So, for now it’s probably safe to say that a traditional Bond film, reminiscent of what came before ‘Casino Royale’ will not be produced for some time. If you think of these films as the ‘Batman Begins’ of Bond movies then you might possibly enjoy what we have a little more. Because what we do have right now is something new and, dare it be said, revolutionary to the James Bond franchise. Savour it while you can.

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Lee Skavydis
Lee Skavydis

I am a die hard movie fan, owning over 500 movies on both DVD and Blu Ray. I try to go to the cinema at least once a week when time permits. My other hobbies include following fight sports such as boxing, travelling around, writing and editing, listening to heavy rock and cook the odd occasional recipe. I used to write for several prolific boxing websites, interviewing some of the most famous names associated with the sport around.


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