March 25, 2015

Simon Pegg Talks ‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’; Shooting The Plane Scene

At the press day for Kill Me Three Times yesterday, Age of the Nerd had the pleasure of speaking to Simon Pegg about the film. While we will run the full interview closer to the film’s release date of April 10th, Pegg did talk about his reaction to first seeing the new Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation trailer (which you can watch here), as well as his story of watching Tom Cruise film the plane scene in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.

The interesting thing here is that Pegg mentions he only got done filming his scenes “Two weeks ago”, which means that they haven’t even finished editing the film at this point. With a looming release date of July 31, 2015 seemingly right around the corner, we can assume this is not good news for production. While the trailer still holds great promise, I see one of two things happening with the film. Either it gets pushed to a later summer/fall date, or the film gets a release that is technically subpar. If the latter happens, I have a feeling that audiences may forever be turned off to the idea of a franchise that delivers anything other than the best in technicality. Christopher Mcquarrie also answered some questions about the film in a recent twitter Q&A, but many of the same concerns arose here as well.



First up is Pegg’s story from filming.

I was on the plane actually. They did a couple of circuits around the airfield, you know because it would have to take off, obviously have to fly in a circle, and land again. Because I had shot my stuff at a different time, they were like; “you want to come on?”, and I went on that day of set. I did one when I sat in the cockpit, just to watch it go around, and one where I sat and watched Tom [Cruise] outside on the monitor and was there when the back door opened. And uh—it was hilarious. It was just like—the only way that he could top climbing the tallest building in the world is to be on something that isn’t attached to the ground and higher up. And it was like, “well that’s a plane”, the only thing you can do is an airplane. And he did it. [Laughs] They just like, gaffer taped him to the side of it [Laughs] and off he went. It was extraordinary.

Pegg also gave his thoughts on what it is like to see the insane footage in the trailer objectively as a fan:

And it’s funny—when you do something like that in a working day it’s “wow, that’s amazing, like let’s move on, what’s next”—Whereas you see it in the trailer and it’s like, Fuck, that’s insane [Laughs]! So I’m very excited for audiences to see it.

In regards to the production schedule of the film, Pegg had this to say:

I only wrapped two weeks ago, so there’s stuff that’s not in the trailer. Stuff that’s—there are set pieces that aren’t even glimpsed in the trailer that are exrodranry—so, yeah.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation hits theaters on July 31, 2015. Until then, enjoy te trailer here and be sure to check back soon for more coverage!


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