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March 10, 2015

RUMOR: Tron 3 May Be Shooting In Vancouver This Fall

In a very perplexing turn of events, Disney is apparently prepping Tron 3 to shoot this fall in vancouver, reports VanCity Buzz (via Badass Digest). The follow up to 2010’s intended reboot has been radio silent for the last few years, mostly for good reason. In case you don’t remember, Tron: Legacy was rather disappointing both financially and critically, offering little interest among fans for a sequel.

Although there has yet to be an official confirmation from Disney, the source believes their information to be true. The source also claims that Garrett Hedlund will return (he is most likely contractually obligated), but it seems as if Tron 3 is actually happening, with Joseph Kosinski returning to direct once again. Vancouver was used in Tron: Legacy, so this certainly adds some legitimacy to the story.

Tron Legacy Sequel

I honestly don’t know if making a sequel with the same key creative crew and cast is such a good idea, especially when the first outing produced a less than stellar result. This is my biggest worry with this sequel in particular moving forward, that we will get the same meager results, especially when you consider that they had 20+ years to get the story right the last time and didn’t.

Kosinski most recently directed Oblivion, but questions such as whether Olivia Wilde will reprise her role from last time and when an actual release date will be set for Tron 3 still loom about the project. We will keep you updated on further progress of Tron 3 as it comes in the future.

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