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March 29, 2015

Box Office: There’s No Place Like ‘Home’

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Written by: Peter Towe
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There’s no place like being number one at the weekend box office.  That’s the case for Dreamworks’ new animated feature Home, which finished with an estimated $54 million.  This is great news for Dreamworks Animation who has been struggling a bit as of late.  Home stars

The other big release of the weekend was the Will Ferrell/Kevin Hart comedy Get Hard, which finished in second with $34.6 million.  This is the highest R-rated opening  for both actors, despite almost universally bad reviews.

After debuting number one, The Divergent Series: Insurgent finished the weekend third, with an estimated $22.1 million.  Domestically, the film has made about $86 million, still well short of its $110 million production budget.  Although, it’s made $180 worldwide, so no need to worry.

Expanding to 1,218 locations, It Follows rounds out the top five.  The film earned a solid $4 million as it continues to have a strong word-of-mouth.  It Follows was by far the best movie playing at most theaters, so I hope it stays around for a couple more weeks.

Here’s the top-ten weekend box office estimates:

1. Home $54 million

2. Get Hard $34.6 million

3. The Divergent Series: Insurgent $22.1 million

4. Cinderella $17.5 million

5. It Follows $4 million

6. Kingsman: The Secret Service $3.1 million

7. Run All Night $2.2 million

8. The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel $2.2 million

9. Do You Believe? $2.2 million

10. The Gunman $2 million

All these films will take a hit next weekend with the release of Furious 7.  How much do you guys think The newest Fast and Furious film could end up with?

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Peter Towe
Peter Towe
A graduate of UMASS Boston, I have successfully put off getting a "real" job, and continue to watch, produce, review, and obsess over movies. I lived in Boston while I completed my degree, and now live in Chicago trying the improv thing.



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