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March 18, 2015

Bates Motel: Episode 2 Recap

Events in White Pine Bay were really kicking off on Monday’s episode of Bates Motel, titled ‘The Arcanum Club’.

After we all saw Norman walk calmly away from the black Porsche once occupied by prostitute Annika Johnson we were all left wondering whether Norman added another victim to his growing body count. The answer to that still remains in question but mother Norma is growing quickly concerned after learning of her disappearance. After doing some detective work she is led to The Arcanum Club. Although we are still to be addressed as to what activities take place in there it is strongly implied that it is of a sexual nature. Could an illegal brother be running in the town?

Tension is rising between Dylan, Caleb and newcomer Chick Hogan, who lives across the hill in the countryside. After Caleb shoots his dog in his absence things may become uncomfortable once again, just as Dylan wants to settle for some normality for once in his life. Could he be dealing with a new type of enemy this time around?

Sheriff Romero left the Bates Motel after spending a few months there after his house was burned down by drug baron Zane Morgan. Him and Norma shared a rather awkward affectionate goodbye, as the two did not know whether to restrain themselves to a simple handshake or a big hug. They chose the latter, and judging by the expression on Romero’s face at the time it would be foolish to rule out anything major happening between them some time down the line. But before any hint of happiness comes the way to the mother of two it looks as if she will be battling the local council once again after learning that the bypass has continued construction. In a fit of rage, Norma destroyed a memorial sign in former chancellor Lee Bermann’s name on the building site, damaging her car in the process before returning home. As always, Norman was there to come home to and he was more than happy to try and ease her pain.

The future shower stabber and Emma went on their first date together. Emma subtly suggested to her new boyfriend that he can’t be living with his mother forever and that he has to evolve. Did her words have any effect on him? It is doubtful.

All in all it was another entertaining hour being in the presence of all these shady characters. It seems that everybody has some sort of agenda. Most pleasing is the pace in which things are unfolding. Things are running a lot more smoothly than they did in season two which was a disappointment to a lot of fans. But the excitement level has been ramped up again, and one cannot wait to tune in again next Monday 9/8c on A&E!

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