January 18, 2015

Sons of Anarchy David Labrava And Niko Nicotero Talk Final Season at SDCC

(PCM) Fans are obviously reeling from last night’s thrilling episode of “Sons Of Anarchy”, especially Juice’s little encounter with Chibs. It is nearly impossible to predict just how that situation is going to unfold.

Will Juice continue to keep Gemma’s secret  or will Jax finally find out the truth about Tara’s real killer. Either way he is one a path for vengeance that will most likely continue throughout the show’s final season.

On a happier note, we were thrilled with the news earlier this year that actors David Labrava (Happy) and Niko Nicotero (Ratboy) were updated to series regulars for the shows final ride.

We were able to catch up with both Labrava and Nicotero, when they made their debut at San Diego Comic Con back in July.

When asked how they feel about the show’s final season, Nicotero tells us “We have been saying that it feels bittersweet, however the vibe on the set from what I understand has been similar to how it was during the first season”.

Labrava adds “It’s totally fun on the set, everyone is excited. Their characters have evolved to a point where we are absolutely comfortable with that person and who that person is…it is just fun, exciting and appreciative, not at all sullen. Just a cool thing to be a part of”.

Obviously “Sons of Anarchy” can be viewed by fans and critics alike as groundbreaking television. Labrava says “It’s never going to go away, like Hill Street Blues, like The Sopranos, it will never go away…it is cinematic history that will live on forever”.

Nicotero adds “It is very unique and it’s a very unique group of people with the cast and ensemble and that does have the ability to live on for awhile.”

You can view the full interview below:

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