September 10, 2014

Sons Of Anarchy Creator Kurt Sutter Discusses The Final Season

**Spoiler Alert: Article contains details about the premiere episode, in case you are not caught up**

(PCM) The premiere episode for the final season of the hit FX drama Sons Of Anarchy aired last night and certainly got off to quite the brutal start, but is that any surprise for this series.

We opened up with a jailed Jax Teller, obviously still reeling from the death of his wife Tara, brutally beating another inmate in prison. The beating sequence was spliced with cuts to his other club members and his mother, Gemma, caring for his two young sons.

From what we can tell so far, Jax has no idea that Gemma was the one responsible for Tara’s brutal slaying and currently she is attempting to deal with the internal guilt she feels for what she has done. Gemma’s actions were covered up by Juice, a fellow club member, who was already on shaky ground and is currently in hiding.

In a twist during the premiere, Gemma blames Tara’s killing on a member of the Chinese Lin Triad and Jax takes out some pretty horrific revenge on the wrong man when he is released from prison.

We had a chance to catch up with series creator Kurt Sutter during Comic-Con to discuss some of the plans for the final season.

We were desperate to know how much of the final season had been mapped out already and if there was any wiggle room at all for things to head in a different direction. Sutter responded “There is a lot of wiggle room. I think I have a sense of where I want our hero to land, but the cool thing is that I have this great team of writers. When we create these big narrative engines for each episode, it tweaks things a little bit and it goes in a bit of a different direction. You pile up enough of those and things start to look a bit different than you had initially anticipated. That is fun part for me, because I am not locked into ‘oh, I want it to look that way’. Thematically and emotionally I know where I want it to land, but in terms of story and specifics that all gets to happen in a pretty collaborative and creative way.”

Sons of Anarchy is truly going to be one of those series that leaves a lasting legacy behind well after the final episode has aired. Sutter comments “I hope so. We are pretty unique in terms of the world itself and we are not sort of a TV staple i.e. a medical show or a cop show, so I think that in itself will help us kind of standout. I like to think that the stories and the performances are strong enough that we can become a little bit iconic as a result of that, and I think people will remember it.

I had to ask Sutter what the body count situation would be looking like this season to which he jokingly responded “It ain’t good!” He then looks around the room at the other cast members on the press line and says “I don’t know if everyone on this line will make it to the final episode”.

When asked about any details in regards to a prequel series based of Son’s of Anarchy, Sutter reveals “We have been talking about it and it has been out there for a couple years now and I don’t know when, but it would probably be a couple of years to let the mythology kind of rest for a little bit. FX is now doing miniseries so my sense is that I don’t know if it will be a full blown series, maybe a one-off like ten or twelve episodes. I really just want to tell the origin story and not get too much into the history because I don’t want it butting up against the mythology we already know. I would like it to dovetail and we’ve had serious conversations about it and we don’t know exactly when but hopefully we will have an opportunity to do it.”

You can watch the full interview below:

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