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May 17, 2014

River Phoenix’s Final Film to be Released on VOD

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Written by: Peter Towe

Later this year, River Phoenix’s Final Film Dark Blood will be released via Video on Demand (VOD).  River Phoenix had completed about 80 percent of Dark Blood, before passing away from a drug overdose in 1993 when he was only 23.  Liongsate announced friday at the Cannes Film Festival that they had acquired the rights to the film which is now over 20 years old.  Director George Sluizer  re-wrote the script, and had always wanted to finish and release the film.  Phoenix notoriously had a tough time on set, not getting along with one co-star in particular.  The death of Phoenix is still an extremely sad case, and unfortunately not uncommon in and out of Hollywood.

The Oscar-nominated River Phoenix was the older brother of Joaquin, and starred in films like Stand by Me, Running on Empty, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, My Own Private Idaho, Sneakers, and now his last project Dark Blood will be released for everyone to enjoy.  Last year, George Sluizer posted a trailer on his Youtube page.  While it’s still an incredibly sad story of a great person losing his life to a disease with such a promising career, it’ll be great seeing Phoenix in one more role.  Enjoy the trailer below, and check back later this year for our full review of Dark Blood.

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Peter Towe
Peter Towe
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