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May 10, 2014

NBC Cancels ‘Community’

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Written by: Peter Towe
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After weeks/months/years of being on fringe of cancellation, NBC has finally pulled the plug on Community.  Despite a loyal fan-base, Community has continued to struggle with ratings, even after the season five return of Dan Harmon.  Variety was the first to report on the cancellation, but added that Community could see a sixth season on a different platform altogether.  Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon could be a landing spot for the newly cancelled show, giving fans the hope for “six seasons and a movie”.

Community is a rare show that only comes around every-so-often.  It’s the type of show with a loyal fan base and a cast and content that can’t be found anywhere else on tv.  However, the ratings were never strong enough for NBC to feel great about the show, with the much publicized firing and re-hiring of show runner/creator Dan Harmon.  The fifth season saw the departures of Chevy Chase and Donald Glover, but with the return of Harmon, the show re-gained it’s stride.

With hope of Community moving to a platform like Netflix, fans may get a chance to see their beloved phrase, “six seasons and a movie” coming into fruition.  It’s a shame NBC decided to cancel the beloved show, but at least we have hope for a possible future.  Let’s hope we’ll return to Greendale for at least one more season, but with the cast they have, lets hope they don’t get too busy to return.

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