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April 3, 2014

Fargo: FX Dives Into the Coen Brothers Universe

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Written by: Peter Towe
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When FX first announced the television series Fargo, the internet was in an uproar.  People (including myself) thought the film should stand alone, and the idea of a series seemed crazy. I mean, we are so often given watered down versions of popular films, which in the end, add nothing to the original content.  However, FX’s Fargo has used the source material as a jumping off point, and created something original.  With an unusual marketing campaign and an all-star cast, things are looking very promising.  Based on the Coen brothers 1996 film, Fargo will bring us back to town, but follow a new group North Dakotans.  The series is neither prequel or sequel, and will instead be its own story.  The Coen brothers set the bar high, and the show runners seem to have taken notice.  The show looks less like a television series, as they intend to make it feel like a 10-hour movie.  Here’s the Featturette and promos that have been making the series look interesting to even to the biggest of naysayers.  Fargo is executively produced by the brothers, and stars Billy Bob Thornton, Bob Odenkirk, Colin Hanks, Martin Freeman, Kate Walsh, Allison Tolman, Oliver Platt, and Glenn Howerton, and premieres April 15th on FX.

Fargo- Cast

Fargo- Story

Fargo- Dryer

Fargo- Roads

Fargo- Steak

Fargo- Trunk

Fargo- Carcass

Fargo- Runner

Fargo- Shopping Cart

Fargo- Fisherman

Fargo- Enchanted Highway

Fargo- Roadside

Fargo- Scrape

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